Friday, 1 March 2013

Nearly three years later, what happened? Well, a lot. New job, bought a house, another new job again a year later, became a father. It's like I got all of the mid-30s growing up stuff done in one go. Also - you know, smartphones! Fibre broadband! Clojure! Lots of cool amazeballs technology! And it's exhausting! Go away!

Anyway, blogging about oneself is really only the domain of angsty teenagers or people with diseases these days. What I little I put out on the web publically is over on Twidder, and seeing as I only have about eight spare minutes a day to myself and nothing particularly interesting ever happens anyway, that suits me well.

Like so many, I still occasionally dream of one day having the will & way to produce more things. But I've got the hunch that the time'll come around when I'm about fifty.

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