Saturday, 28 November 2009

It's a numbers game

I seldom talk/blog/tweet/etc about work directly, mostly because I never have the time, but I'm feeling quite proud that I can point out a couple of things I've been directly involved in in one way or another:

Jo Hamilton, Head of Audience Measurement writes on the BBC Internet Blog and shares a data pack with insights about BBC iPlayer's usage in October 2009 - a record month across all platforms.

And John Linwood (BBC FM&T CTO, AFAIK) has been sharing similar traffic and audience statistics with a great infographic.

All of the audience-oriented statistics are derived from the internal iStats data collation, warehousing and analytics system I designed, built and now product manage as part of my role in the BBC's Future Media & Technology division.

The public release of this data above is, hopefully, a step in the direction of sharing more data about how iPlayer's content gets consumed. I'd expect more data to be trickling out soon if the thirst is there.

One day I might sit down and write an 'official' blog on the detail of the system and how it works.. if anyone's interested, that is.

Note: this is a personal blog and my views aren't necessarily those of the BBC, or anyone else for that matter. Ahem.

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