Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Mux it up

In common with everyone else with an internet connection this week, I heart Muxtape a lot. Simple, no-nonsense, works. Here's mine, although I've no idea how often I'll ever update it. Needs RSS to track changes, perhaps? Mmm. Then I could plumb it into the uberfeed and whatnot.

In other news, since VD Day passed and I shut down all the Amazon EC2 stuff, I've been mostly working, going to the Isle of Wight, drinking beer, eating nice food, hacking around with a potentially-quite-useful Twitter hack using Greasemonkey and not having my hair cut...


  1. Does any of this actually mean anything, or is it a pastiche to make non-nerds feel inadequate? It sounds like one of the emails I get from Bangalore, and just as baffling.

    I've got an internet connection, but I've been using it to send/receive emails, and surf the net - controversial!

  2. I assure you I went to great efforts to make sure this post would perplex you in every imaginable way..

    It's not my fault you've got no idea how to use a computer.

  3. The tragic thing is I actually don't know if 'heart' as a verb is a typo, or if it is some geeky verb that hasn't reached me yet.

    About the only thing I did understand was the bit about the Isle of Wight. Oh, and I know all about VD.