Tuesday, 1 January 2008


Happy new year! Just when I was finally getting into the swing of 2007, the damn thing goes and ends.

Highlights of 2007 included:
  • Going to San Francisco and discovering Northern California
  • Doing some interesting stuff at work after a period of uncertainty
  • Snooker: seeing the Masters and the World Championships in Sheffield
  • Gadgets: new Macbook in Feb, and iPod Touch in November
  • Turning thirty (am fine with it now, in fact I really quite like it)
  • Spending lots of time with M and P and other nice people
  • Listening to the Beatles a lot

Lowlights included:
  • Project getting canned
  • Subsequent project floundering and getting canned
  • Not seeing my friends from the North nearly enough
  • Various worries, stresses and strains I couldn't do anything/much about
  • Being afflicted with weird sinusy problems as well as having a really crap hayfever year

2008? Changes afoot... hopefully.

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