Wednesday, 5 December 2007

I really suck at blogging

Let's face it, it's just not happening, is it? I still might turn this into a link/video/mp3log though. I do plenty else around the web; I just don't do much of the whole writing thing. Too many people do it better than I.

Of various things of disinterest that've been happening lately, I bought a new iPod the other day. One of those touchy ones in fact, and it's very nice. Twice the space of me old Nano, and video playback - all very nice, but those features pale into comparison compared to the multitouch interface. I'm no feverent Apple fanboy, but my word, it's a thing of beauty to use. Coincidentally, I got a new mobile recently too (a Nokia 6500) with a view to using that as a bit of a mobile video playing doodah - but despite it having the technical chops to do so, the interface is so clunky and awkward that I completely gave up after about ten minutes. Now I can catch up with the new series of the Boosh on the bus home from work. Marvellous. The future's arrived!

However, despite what Steve Jobs and other Californians might think, ubiquitous open wifi is still rather a rarity. Even in my office, where there's dozens of sniffable networks, only one is unencrypted and even then it won't give me an IP address, most likely being MAC address-restricted. And I spend half of my life on buses anyway. So for that, my phone still trumps (and actually has a fairly decent browser to be getting on with).

That's about it, though. Other than that; work, sleep. Lie around. Repeat.

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