Sunday, 16 December 2007

Dear Santa...

I want..

  1. To not think about work for a few days on the trot
  2. Much less inadvertent exposure to Russell Brand/Winehouse/Jo Brand/Spice 'Girls'
  3. Less worry
  4. Beatles remasters
  5. To spend less time on buses
  6. to work with my iPod Touch without having to jailbreak the thing
  7. Spend more time hanging out with M and P
  8. To see my friends more
  9. More sleep
  10. A haircut
  11. More coffee
  12. More music
  13. A decent suit that doesn't make me look like a Suit
  14. A greater variety of lunch options
  15. To learn the banjo
  16. A house
  17. World peace


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