Sunday, 27 May 2007

Snot party

Someone was really rude to me this week. I was slightly taken aback at it, as they're a long-time acquaintance of mine and there really wasn't any need for it, as I was being super-friendly to begin with. It's annoyed me for several days now, though. I'm not tolerant of this sort of thing, especially when it's an affectation (as I suspect it to be). Grr.

Hay fever is back, yet again, with a vengeance. I've been seeped in warm, runny snot for the last few days and it's really depressing me. I've been afflicted with it since the age of six - and now I'm 30, I still haven't 'grown out of it' like all the doctors over the years have said I would. And yes, I've tried every pill/spray on the planet - and they don't work. I am seemingly condemned to ride out all the summer months of my life like this - sneezing, coughing, itching, sitting around in a dazed trance with my head slightly tilted back. Urgh.

Still - bank holiday, and a nice wet one at that. Perhaps I'll just pull myself together and ignore the interesting pulling and pushing going on in my sinuses and get out and do stuff. Maybe I'll mess around with Flash (a pertinent technology, as it happens). Maybe this, and maybe that.

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