Saturday, 5 May 2007


So I can't really say much about what's going on at the moment, except that I'm in a period of upheaval at work and I'm not sure how everything's going to land. It's exciting, scary and worrying in equal parts, and ultimately quite confusing. I'm at a very strange point in my career now - I'm not entirely sure I deserve it, but then a healthy dollop of self-doubt never did anyone any harm, did it?

Alongside this, I've been extending my social network, re-engaging with old friends, knocking on doors old and new and generally being a bit cheeky. I think that's OK, though; people don't usually mind a bit of cheekiness with the right approach. I seem to pull it off somehow. I'm a lot better at this kind of stuff that I was five years ago. Maybe hitting 30 has done me good.

I'm quite annoyed that Yamipod has stopped working with my iTunes, so I can't get what I'm playing on me iPod synced up to - as I don't spend that much time listening to music at my desk at home, this is leading to an irritating skewing of my listening profile, which should either be 100% accurate or not there at all in my opinion. Of course, it's easy to worry too much about these things. No-one gives a toss but me, but I do find it still too much hard work to keep all the disparate bits of information I deal with all synchronised - although FacebookSync is a neat idea, keeping Facebook contacts synced with my Address Book on my Mac, which in turn syncs with my mobile phone - but I can't get it synced with my Gmail address book easily, or indeed anything else where I maintain contacts (ie. LinkedIn). All these tools are great, but they need to communicate with each other more.

Of course, if I could be bothered, I'd write something that attempted to do this - after all, the APIs are out there and I doubt I'm the only one with these sorts of needs. Facebook's developer stuff looks really nice, I ought to play with it.. RSS authentication would help a lot, but no-one's really doing this yet, although it's starting to pop up here and there.

Anyway, enough pontification. I'm off to eat some burned meat in a back garden in Thames Ditton.

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